Welcome to my personal page. It contains a small selection of creative work i made with my 14 years of experience in editing, compositing and photographing.

Started my career in the VTR studio where i learned all the basics of video. In my free time i had great interest in composting on Flint and Flame. Started with small adaptions for all advertising agencies, and quickly started large projects for all production companies in the Netherlands.

Working with large advertising agencies such as Alfred, Publicis, IFB McCann, Saatchi, Cheel and Production companies like Pink Rabbit, Wieden + Kennedy, Jonkers Hofstee, 25FPS and Hazazah.

And also directly with clients such as Heineken and L’Oreal i have experience in every field of advertising.

Mainly working on Flint and Flame. I also have experience in working with Smoke, Nuke, Avid and Final Cut Pro.

Photography had always been a great passion. Shooting with Canon DSLR and recently also shooting on Large format with a Hasselblad 503CW.

Great eye for detail, experience with tight deadlines, organised, friendly and always up for a laugh.